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Mikomi Chan is one of our most popular streamers on OSI. She is an esports competitor that focuses on Overwatch and is captain of the Overwatch team for Pridestark Gaming. Mikomi has been published in multiple magazines as a model and cosplayer, and has worked on various film sets as a costume designer. Get to know her before her appearance with us at Ichibancon on Jan. 11-14!

OSI: Besides being a streamer on our site, you’re a pretty notable cosplayer in the community. What initially got you interested in cosplaying?
MC: I originally got started in cosplay because it looked fun. I was planning my first ever convention trip, Otakon 2011, with a friend, and we decided we wanted to cosplay to get the full convention experience. Seven years later now, and I'm doing it for my job and loving every minute of it!

OSI: Out of all the characters, who is your favorite to cosplay, and why?
MC: This is always the most difficult question I get asked! My favorite character to cosplay changes almost every year! Originally, my favorite character to cosplay was Tsunade from Naruto. A few years back, I loved to cosplay my Nightingale Dragonborn from Skyrim. Currently, my favorite character to cosplay as is Thor from the MCU. The costume holds a lot of sentimental value to me, and I just love Thor's personality.

OSI: What about the costume makes it so sentimental?
MC: Thor was the final full costume I made during my costuming apprenticeship. It showcases a good chunk of the skills I spent learning for three years under a master craftsman. It was also one of my quickest builds. From start to finish, I finished the whole suit of armor and Mjolnir, from pattern drafting to wearing in a costume contest in three days. Needless to say, I didn't sleep much!

OSI: You've mentioned you’ve been gaming for 20 years, do you have any backstory to what got you into the gaming scene as an esports player?
MC: Originally, my babysitter got me into video games! My first two games were Mario Kart 64 and Ocarina of Time. I completely fell in love with Nintendo as a small child, and later that year, my grandparents started buying me handhelds and consoles. Even though I've been playing games almost my whole life, I didn't start getting involved in the actual gaming community until midway through college. Until I went to a big university, I never really was defeated in video games by people I knew.

Once at college, I met a few guys who were pro Smash players, and we used to play together every day. I used to get so angry that there were one or two people I then knew who could beat me, and I would constantly try to get better at games, so I could win against them. I ended up marrying one of the guys, and he encouraged me to start entering into tournaments when I went to conventions for fun and so I could play against others. To this day, my husband is still the only person who can consistently rek me in Smash Bros, but I'm better than him at Overwatch, so it evens out.

I started getting hired to work for esports companies as a booth cosplayer/spokesmodel back in 2015, well after I stopped entering tournaments. I never really thought much about being an Esports competitor until it actually happened!

Check out more of Mikomi Chan's cosplays and gaming announcements on her Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook!