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Charlie Rocket is a cosplayer that has gathered a notable following on social media. She answered a few questions with us so our community can get to know her better before her streaming debut on OSI and her appearance with us at PAX South on Jan 12-14.

OSI: Why did you choose the name Charlie Rocket?

CR: In college, my best friend and I played Guitar Hero every day! I was on guitar and she was on base. We memorized songs and guitar hero was basically our life. Our band name was Charlie Rocket. So when I started cosplaying I couldn't think of a better name and she agreed.

OSI: Based off your Twitter, you’ve stated you’ve made around 30 different cosplay costumes over the course of 2017. Out of all of those outfits, what would you say is your favorite?

CR: Yes! I made 33 costumes last year and have over 70 all together! Out of all my 2017 costumes my absolute favorite was Bayonetta! It was a lot of work and I got to test my prop making skills, but I really loved doing her ridiculous poses for photos.

OSI: What was the most difficult costume that you’ve made so far?
CR: McCree from Overwatch was probably my hardest cosplay so far. I make a lot of catsuits, so making a breast plate, robotic arm, gun prop, and all of the McCree hat and belt accessories was definitely a challenge for me.

OSI: What cosplay costume are you most excited about for 2018?
CR: With Black Panther coming out in February, I am so excited to cosplay his sister, Shuri, this year!!

OSI: In a past interview with The Variant, you mentioned you became a cosplayer after you became a mother. Would you say there are any challenges to being both a full time mother and cosplayer as far as being involved with the community, going to conventions, and making time for photoshoots?
CR: Being a mom definitely creates challenges for cosplay. When my oldest was younger he didn't like going to cons, so I would only be able to go if I found a babysitter or stayed for short periods of time. Finding time to make costumes, get shoots done, run panels/workshops and care for kids is extremely difficult! But on a positive note, I was able to cosplay my favorite pregnant and mom characters when I had my second son. I've also been able to incorporate my sons into character themes with me and we can cosplay as a family! I'm also able to encourage other moms and show them we can still enjoy our lives outside of motherhood.

OSI: We know that you’re a big advocate for women of color being more active in the cosplaying community. Is there any new insight or advice you want to reiterate for people of color who want to be more involved and gain more recognition in the community?
CR: The cosplay community is a wonderful and welcoming community, but I'd be lying if I said race goes unnoticed. There are always trolls and even people who mean well who will make comments about how the character you're cosplaying is not the same skin color as you. So to cosplayers of color, know that you're not alone. Know that you don't have to cosplay the few characters of color there are. You are just as valid as any other cosplayer. And remember- these characters are cartoons and NO ONE looks like them in real life! Be true to yourself and people will see you shine through.

OSI: We’re so excited that you’ll be joining us for PAX South this year. What is your favorite part about coming to these conventions?
CR: My favorite part about conventions is getting to meet people who love the same fandoms as I do! I grew up on video games and comic books in a time when it was not popular. Being a woman of color and into nerd culture isolated me and made me feel so alone. When I was introduced to conventions, it was like a whole world I never knew existed! There are thousands of people just like me with the same loves and interests I have! Something about that environment really inspires me.

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