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The League of Legends World Championship, otherwise known as Worlds, has always been the most anticipated tournament for LoL fans. It’s where the best of the best come to prove that they are worthy of hoisting the Summoner’s Cup and where fans can expect to watch the best, top-notch League of Legends.

In the seven years that Riot has held the tournament, Eastern teams have been exceptionally dominant. Only once has a Western team taken home the title, and that team was Fnatic all the way back in 2011. The reigning champions, SK Telecom T1, with Faker at the helm, had never lost a series in the knockout bracket at every world championship that they attended, resulting in an impressive 4 titles to their name. This year, however, defied the unexpected.

SKT though did not look like the SKT of old, often falling behind in group stage games and even dropping a game to AHQ on the last day of groups. Despite their shortcomings, they cleanly made it out of groups and went on to face the European team Misfits in the quarterfinals – a game everyone thought would be an easy 3-0 for the Korean overlords. But again, SKT showed signs of weakness nearly losing the series to Misfits in a close five game series.

Having made it halfway to the finals SKT now had to face a tougher opponent in Royal Never Give Up. The Chinese team, having the home town advantage, nearly took down SKT. But once again we saw the Koreans persevere in their typical amazing fashion.

Their spot in the finals secured, SKT had just one more opponent to defeat – their fellow Korean team, Samsung Galaxy. SSG was the third seed from Korea coming into worlds, and had nearly flawlessly made their way to the finals, winning convincing series off Longzhu Gaming and team World Elite to face their counterparts in the biggest match of their carriers.

Once in the final, SSG looked even more dominant and convincing than previously anticipated winning a clean, near perfect game in a 37-minute game one. Despite falling behind early in games two and game three, SSG was able to overcome the odds and defeat the reigning champs in an utterly unexpected 3-0 sweep.

All of SKT was rightfully devastated by their loss, no one more so than Faker himself. We all saw the iconic photo of Faker head in hands, utterly overcome with emotion, a picture that is truly worth a thousand words. Even though he and his team lost, Faker should be proud of his accomplishments, having played the best Worlds of his career yet. We certainly shouldn’t count them out either, SKT has a very good track record of being able to come back from impossible odds in game, and if that’s any indication of their attitude and motivation, we’ll be seeing them back at Worlds 2018 with a vengeance.